3 Tips When Dealing With Negative Elderly Parents

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3 Tips When Dealing With Negative Elderly Parents

It’s not uncommon for aging parents to turn into different people than the ones their children grew up with. Life takes a toll on a person, especially when they’re no longer able to do everything they once were or enjoy their life in the same ways as before.

This applies to people who are seriously ill or just not as strong as they used to be. It’s hard for them to cope with aging, and not all parents realize the effect their reaction to it has on their children.

If you’re dealing with negative elderly parents, use the tips below to help yourself out.

1. Pick Your Battles

It’s easy for a lot of simple discussions to turn into an argument when you’re talking to someone who is always crabby. Not to mention, there are serious matters that need to be discussed – like moving into a residential facility or hiring a caretaker – that can cause tensions to rise, too.

As such, the best thing to do is pick your battles. Avoid trying to tell your parents to do every little thing you want if the most important thing is to get them the help they need. Focus on that and be as patient as you can about everything else.

2. Understand Their Limitations (and Yours!)

Keep in mind you can only do so much to help your aging parent. This applies even more if the person is resisting your help every step of the way. The limitations that come with aging are their own experiences that they have to work through.

No matter what you do, you can’t change how they feel about aging or the fact that they’re getting older. You can, however, recognize you’re doing the best you can and that, sometimes, just trying is enough.

3. Be Smart About How You Phrase Things

Say there’s something very serious that you keep going back and forth with your parents about. This could be the fact that your mother refuses to stop smoking or that your dad isn’t watching what he eats at all.

Take a step back and think about how you’re trying to communicate with them. Telling your parents what to do, or what they should/shouldn’t do, isn’t going to get you very far.

Approaching the conversation from your perspective, though, may do the trick. The next time you have a big ask for your parents, put it in terms of what it would do for you. For example, tell your mom how much less you’d worry about her if she didn’t smoke and let your dad know how long you’d like him to be around and enjoy the company of his grandchildren.

When parents realize aging doesn’t just affect them, they start to behave better about it.

Dealing with Negative Elderly Parents as They Adjust to Senior Living

Maybe you finally convinced your parents to move into a senior living community, and maybe you’re just starting to realize how it’s affecting their negativity. Sometimes, dealing with negative elderly parents gets worse before it gets better. It’s hard for the elderly to let go of their home, and more importantly, their sense of independence.

The best thing for you to do is relax and trust in the staff at the facility you’ve chosen. To discover why Bee Hive Homes is the best place for your parents to move, click here.

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