5 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Senior Living Residents

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5 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Senior Living Residents

Around one million senior citizens will be celebrating Christmas this year in a senior living facility. It’s important to remember to gift these family members and friends with presents that will brighten up their living space and make them happy for the holidays.

Coming up with the perfect Christmas gift isn’t always easy, but personal care home residents have a few needs that you can solve with helpful gifts.

Here are 5 awesome Christmas gifts for personal care home residents.

1. Home Decor for Their Room

To help make the space feel more like home, a great Christmas gift is home decor. New pieces work well, but bringing things from home is also a good idea.

Look for mementos like artwork from the grandchildren, a family picture, or meaningful knick-knacks.

Gifts of home decorations will help bring their personality into the space. This will be great if they’re still trying to settle and feel comfortable in their room.

2. Cozy Bedroom Shoes or Slippers

Everyone loves to receive cozy slippers for a Christmas present.

Make sure to purchase non-slip slippers to help prevent any falls. This way, your loved one can stay safe and feel comfortable.

They also won’t have to worry about messing around having to try tying any shoelaces. Being able to put on their own bedroom shoes will help them feel independent.

3. Bags are Great Gifts for Personal Care Home Residents

Consider gifting the personal care home resident in your life with a stylish bag. Bags work well for residents because the bag serves as a place to put a bunch of smaller items.

Now they don’t have to carry them individually and risk falling trying to pick up any items they drop.

An even better idea is to find a bag that can work with their walker or wheelchair. This way, they won’t have to worry about carrying all that weight on their shoulders.

4. Door Hangers for Every Season

Another way to customize their living space is to gift them seasonal door hangers. Try to find fun wreaths or plaques that they can display outside their door. You can switch out the door hangers as the seasons change.

Not only will this make your loved one happy throughout the year, but anyone who comes to visit the room will get a great first impression.

This gift is that can also serve as a reminder of which door is theirs. This is beneficial if it’s sometimes hard for them to remember.

5. A CD With Their Favorite Music

Music can make some strong memories that people hold on to for years. Finding your loved one’s favorite music that holds significant value to them is a beautiful present.

If the resident has a CD player in their room, they can listen to music during any downtime they have.

You might have to get crafty by burning a personal CD just for them. This will make sure that you can get all their favorite songs all on one CD.

Feeling Comfortable is Key

Christmas gifts for personal care home residents should be things that help them feel more comfortable and at home. If you’re able to hand make any of these items, that’ll make an even better gift for your loved one.

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