5 Senior Signs Your Parent Could Benefit from a Senior Living Facility in Georgia

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5 Senior Signs Your Parent Could Benefit from a Senior Living Facility in Georgia

About seventy percent of Americans over 65 years of age need long-term care. Unfortunately, people don’t spot the signs for moving into a care facility.

Such facilities provide safe and caring environments for aging parents. They provide communal meals, transportation, and an avenue for socializing. They are also important during health emergencies.

It’s important for your parents to get the care they need. It should be in a place where trained attendants help them in their daily lives. Otherwise, they may end up being lonely and depressed as they live out the final days of their lives.

Keep reading to learn the senior signs your parents move into a senior living facility.

Senior Signs for Moving Into a Senior Living Facility

Last year, the percentage of North Americans who were over 65 years of age was about fifteen percent. The senior population is living longer and this creates the need to take better care of them.

Sometimes, elderly people don’t help the situation. They may refuse help and act like they are capable of coping with the challenges of aging. Here are five signs that will tell you whether your parents should be in a care facility:

1. Unexplained Injuries or Accidents

If your parent keeps getting injuries or accidents, then it’s time to move them into a home. These bruises may occur due to reduced coordination and disorientation. If left unchecked, it could lead to a much more serious issue.

You may also notice car dents, broken kitchenware, and other damages. This shows it’s becoming dangerous for them to be alone.

2. Losing Track of Time

This is one of the saddest sides of aging. You may find your parent losing track of time. They might keep forgetting to take their medication at the right time. Or, they could be missing various appointments.

If that’s the case, you should take them to a senior facility. Here, the staff will be able to monitor them and make sure they are safe.

3. Deteriorating General and Personal Hygiene

A good sign your parent needs day-to-day attention is when their hygiene drops. They could have been the cleanest person when you were growing up but now it’s different.

Their current house may also show signs of poor hygiene. There’ll be many dirty dishes, unwashed clothes, and an untidy living area. This is a silent cry for help.

Make the choice to help them.

4. Failing Physical and Mental Health

Old age brings with it many physical and mental complications. For example, elderly people can struggle with mobility, depression, and dementia. These senior needs may worsen when there’s no one to look after them.

They may have a hard time getting up and moving around. They may be unable to clean up or take medication. As such, you need to take them somewhere professionals can care for them.

5. Lacking Cooked Meals and Food Supplies

You should be worried if there’s no food in the fridge or store. They could even be getting by on ordered meals like pizza. If you can’t get someone to shop and cook for them, you need a different solution. Pay attention to the expiration date on the food as well. If food has expired and is still in the refrigerator, this is a tell-tale sign of a bigger problem. Senses decline with age. Many seniors don’t even realize their food has spoiled. The best solution is to take them to a senior care facility.

Learn More About Senior Living Facilities

Once you start spotting senior signs such as the ones above, you’ll have to take action. Booking them at a top-notch care facility will improve their quality of life immensely. They’ll have professional care and support as well as new friends.

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