5 Tips to Help Elderly Parents Avoid Isolation

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5 Tips to Help Elderly Parents Avoid Isolation

Your loved ones are getting older, and you want to help them the best you can. But the reality is, you just don’t have much free time in a day, and removed from their home and old routines, your loved one is starting to feel isolated. 

Senior isolation creates more than just a feeling of loneliness. It can actually increase the risk of mortality and accelerate cognitive decline. 

If your loved one is feeling isolated, take a look at these three tips to help them enjoy life and get back out there. 

1. Get Them Involved in the Community

One of the best things you can do to help your elderly parent or relative avoid social isolation is to encourage greater involvement in the community. 

If they live in an independent living facility or personal care facility, it can be difficult to feel attached to a community, as they’re no longer in their own home surrounded by familiar neighbors and friends. By encouraging them to go out and participate in community events, it gives them something to look forward to. 

For example, if your loved one is religious, you can encourage them to attend places of worship. Most places of worship, whether it’s a church, synagogue, mosque, or even a regular meeting group, have a weekly rhythm that offers a consistent source of positive social interaction and support. 

If your loved one isn’t religious, you can still encourage them to get out in the community. Maybe they’re handing out brochures at a local theatre, lending a hand at a local charity, or volunteering at a local animal shelter. 

2. Arrange Transportation

Of course, it can be difficult for your loved one to get involved in the community if they can no longer drive, or if they live in an area without public transportation. 

But that doesn’t have to hold them back if you arrange transportation. 

If you live near them, you could offer to drive them to social activities a few times a week or build a network of friends and family members who can help out. 

If that’s not available as an option but they are relatively mobile on their own, you can help them learn the ins and outs of their local public transportation. You can also ask if community centers or senior centers offer transportation services for seniors. 

3. Encourage Exercise

Finally, you can help fight feelings of isolation and boost your loved one’s health by encouraging them to engage in regular exercise

This could take almost any form, from aerobics to swimming to yoga for seniors. 

Just make sure it’s something they enjoy doing and are physically able to do on a consistent basis. That way, they can reap the many benefits of exercise while engaging in regular social activity. 

Building Community to Fight Senior Isolation

With these tips, you can help your loved one leave isolation behind and make the most of their golden years. 

Of course, a great community helps too. That’s where we come in. 

We’re a personal care facility in Toccoa, Georgia that knows your loved one has a lot of life left to live, which is why we give them the tools they need to enjoy it, with delicious meals, 24-hour staffing, and regular activities. 

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