5 Types of Exercise Programs for a Healthy Senior Lifestyle

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5 Types of Exercise Programs for a Healthy Senior Lifestyle

There are roughly 50 million people in the United States that are over the age of 65.

Among that population, some experience steep declines in their health, mobility, and happiness. While trends in growing old and health can be frightening for seniors, our team is here to tell you that when you take care of your body, old age doesn’t have to mean being limited!

Among the best ways you can age gracefully is to incorporate healthy exercise into your weekly routine. Understanding which types of exercises might be most beneficial to you is the focus of this article!

Below are types of exercises that can specifically aid seniors with many of the most common health issues they face.

1. Yoga

Yoga is a spiritual-based form of exercise that is excellent at relaxing the mind while also challenging one’s body.

Some seniors may shy away from yoga citing their lack of flexibility. But it’s important to note that a qualified instructor can help modify movements to fit your unique capabilities.

Yoga can aid seniors in improving their balance, core stability, and ultimately, their ability to achieve safe mobility.

2. Swimming

Swimming has been called a perfect form of exercise by many health enthusiasts.


Because swimming offers participants all of the strength benefits of standard exercise with a fraction of the harmful impact.

Water is great at supporting your body during exercise moments. That support means less impact on your joints, less strength required to achieve movements and a reduction in injury risk.

Swimming has been shown to help seniors improve cardiovascular fitness and gain muscle strength.

3. Walking

Sometimes the simplest forms of exercise are the most effective. If you’re a senior looking for types of exercise that can help you fight obesity and also help you strengthen your muscles, walking is a great option.

To make walking fun, consider purchasing an pedometer and seeing how close to 10,000 steps per day you can safely and comfortably get to!

4. Cycling

If you need to increase the strength of your legs but are having difficulty with the impact running or walking is having on your joints, try utilizing an indoor exercise bike.

Indoor exercise bikes are safe, stable, and can offer many of the same benefits you’d get via the use of an outdoor bike. There are even instructor-led classes at some gyms where you get together with other exercise bike users and ride together.

5. Resistance Band Training

For a simple yet challenging type of exercise that can help with muscle strength and improve your posture, try working out with resistance bands. Resistance bands help make standard body movements subtly challenging which can then stimulate improved strength.

If you’re new to resistance bands, work with a qualified fitness instructor to make sure you’re using bands with the right degree of tension to avoid injury.

Wrapping up Types of Exercise Programs for a Healthy Senior Lifestyle

There you have it! 5 types of exercise programs that can dramatically improve healthy aging in senior citizens.

Work with a health specialist to determine which of our exercise suggestions are right for you and then do your best to leverage them on a regular basis!

At BeeHive Homes, our Toccoa, GA-based assisted living team thinks that the happiest years of one’s life takes place over the age of 65. If you’re looking for an assisted living facility that focuses on helping seniors live their best lives, there is no place better!

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