Assisted Living Checklist: Tips to Find a Quality Home for Your Parents

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Assisted Living Checklist: Tips to Find a Quality Home for Your Parents

You’ve had “the talk” and your parents agree that it’s time to look for a senior living facility. The next step is to figure out where that would be.

After all, the best home or assisted living community will depend on several factors. These include your parents’ personality and lifestyle, your budget, and so on.

To make the process easier, we’ve come up with an assisted living checklist. Let’s go over each item so you can find the right home for your parents.

Ask for Recommendations

Finding a good nursing home often means doing a lot of legwork. To save some time, try to ask around first. Talk to people you know about their own experiences with nursing homes.

You can also ask social workers or a social service agency. Make sure to check if there are senior living facilities near your home.

When you have your list, extend your search online. Read reviews and join online groups if you must. You can also take advantage of tools such as Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare.

Prepare Your Questionnaire

Now that you have a list of recommendations, the next step is to visit each senior living facility on your list. But you can’t just drop by without knowing what questions to ask a nursing home. This is where a prepared questionnaire comes in handy.

Some of the things you can ask include the number of residents currently living in the nursing home. You should also find out the ratio of caregivers to residents.

Other things to ask are the staff turnover rate, meal choices, and room amenities. Of course, you can’t forget about the activities offered. Do ask about the safety precautions and accepted payment methods as well.

Other Things to Do During Your Visit

To find good nursing homes, you can’t just ask the directors or the persons in charge of the facilities. You have to talk to the residents as well. And you may need to visit a home/assisted living facility more than once.

You see, one visit may not reveal important stuff that goes on in a senior living facility. Remember, this will be your parents’ new home. You have to make sure the quality of care is topnotch.

That said, you have to find out whether visitors are welcome at any time. And you have to talk to the staff about their training. Ask if they can provide 24-hour assistance if necessary.

Beyond the Assisted Living Checklist: How to Choose a Nursing Home

We can help. Finding the right assisted living facility means doing a lot of research. This assisted living checklist here can be your starting point.

For more information on senior living, you can check out our blog. We offer tips on finding the right home for seniors, as well as resources for caring for the elderly.

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