Assisted Living vs. Home Care: Which Should You Choose?

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Assisted Living vs. Home Care: Which Should You Choose?

A truly difficult decision for any family with a senior member is deciding on the best option for them.

No one wants to feel like they’re putting someone into a home out of the way. But the choices we make for them can greatly improve their final years.

If you’re unsure about the right option, I’m here to guide you.

It’s vital that you weigh up your options and ask yourself what options are available.

Here is some advice on assisted living vs. home care to help you at this challenging crossroad.

A Brief Introduction to Home Care

For those who prefer to live in their own homes, in-home assisted living could be an ideal way to go.

The costs can be quite high (ranging from $120 to $240 a day), especially if 24/7 care is required. However, it’s becoming a preferred care option for a lot of people.

If comfort and familiarity are important, then home care may be something to consider.

But do bear in mind that some homes may not be suitable for in-care assistance. Some places may need to be modified to meet specific safety regulations.

That doesn’t close this option off entirely. But it does mean that more work and thought may need to be put into it.

A Look at Assisted Living Homes

If your loved one would prefer to be in a facility with others, this could be the answer.

Assisted living is where multiple seniors live under one roof. According to one source, there are about 1.2 million adults in the US (aged 65 and above) who are currently in assisted living.

Some people may refer to them as residential care, domiciliary care or just a care home.

One of the main advantages of this type of care is seniors have the opportunity to meet new people. This is ideal for those who don’t like the idea of living on their own.

They are also supervised 24/7, which takes a lot of the care work off the hands of family members.

They offer daily meals, activities and daily housekeeping.

Many people also feel that assisted living is the more affordable option.

Assisted Living vs. Home Care

The cost of assisted living vs. home care can vary, so it’s absolutely vital that you weigh up which of the two afford the best prices for your family’s needs.

Choosing the right senior living facility is another important step to take before finalizing a decision. You need to know which ones will meet your needs.

The good thing about an assisted living facility is it takes a lot of stress away from the family.

While home care does give you the option to choose your healthcare assistant, it can also mean that family involvement is still necessary, unless round the clock care is sought.

Which Do You Go For?

In looking at assisted living vs. home care, it really boils down to what you can afford, what the senior is most comfortable with (living on their own or with others, for example) and which can provide the best care.

If you’d like some advice on choosing the right senior assisted living accommodation in GA, click here to go to our blog.

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