veterans assisted living
How to Find the Right Veterans Assisted Living for You or Your Loved One
When it comes to veterans and growing older, it’s clear they aren’t always receiving the care they need, as nearly
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a place for mom
How to Find a Place for Mom and Dad to Fall in Love Again
It may be difficult to transition your parents to a senior living home. Luckily, there are many benefits that you
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what is an assisted living facility
What is an Assisted Living Facility?
Many people do not think about long-term care until the need arises. At that moment they will have to review
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senior living apartments
The Difference Between Senior Living Apartments, Houses, and Other Facilities
Are you starting to think about where you will live in two, five, or ten years? If you think care
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senior living facilities
Top 3 Tips for Visiting Parents in Senior Living Facilities
Seniors living in senior living facilities love to have visitors. A pop-in from their children or friends can make their day
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assisted living
How to Cope With the Decision to Place Your Loved One in Assisted Living
“Am I doing the right thing?” Placing a beloved family member in an assisted living facility is one of the
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5 Tips to Help Elderly Parents Avoid Isolation
Your loved ones are getting older, and you want to help them the best you can. But the reality is,
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Why Socialization is So Important for Seniors
At least 5.5 million senior Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. As we grow older, the rule “use it or lose it”
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independent senior living
How Independent Senior Living near Clemson, SC Gives You a Better Quality of Life
Senior living communities are a proven way to increase life expectancy. In fact, residents live up to two years longer
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assisted living benefits
Assisted Living Benefits: 5 Life Changing Reasons to Choose Senior Living in Toccoa, Ga
If you’re considering getting an assisted living service for your senior loved one, it’s a tough decision. But, you’re not
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senior independent living
Senior Independent Living: How to Select a Senior Home in Georgia That Matches Your Needs
The idea of moving into a senior home is difficult. Beyond coming to terms about your health and mental condition
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living near Athens, GA
Senior Living near Athens, GA: Finding the Right Destination Senior Living
There are almost 30,000 residential care communities in the U.S. today. In the state of Georgia, there are hundreds. As
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senior living residents
5 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Senior Living Residents
Around one million senior citizens will be celebrating Christmas this year in a senior living facility. It’s important to remember
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Feeling Isolated
Is Your Parent Feeling Isolated in Their Personal Care Home? Here are 5 Facts You Should Know!
It can be difficult to watch our parents age. Especially if we have to make the decision to move them
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Verbal aggression
Verbal Aggression: Understanding What Triggers Elderly People With Dementia
Verbal aggression in people with dementia can happen anytime and anywhere. If you don’t know the person well, it can seem like
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Dementia Care
Dementia Care: Knowing What You Should and Shouldn’t Do
Approximately 10 million individuals are diagnosed with dementia each year. This syndrome typically impacts elderly individuals already facing challenges from aging. For
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assisted living furniture
How to Decorate with Assisted Living Furniture to Make it More Personalized
Moving into an assisted living facility can be a difficult transition. Especially if the room is already furnished. You want
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medical alert necklace
Can Seniors Still Use a Medical Alert Necklace in a Resident Facility? 5 Important Questions Answered
When you have a senior on your hands, you do everything you can to ensure they’re safe. A popular safety
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types of exercises
5 Types of Exercise Programs for a Healthy Senior Lifestyle
There are roughly 50 million people in the United States that are over the age of 65. Among that population,
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senior age
5 Critical Vaccines Every Personal Care Home Resident Needs to Stay Healthy
Are you in charge of the well being of your aging parent? Are you looking into Personal Care Senior Living
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assisted living requirements
Assisted Living Requirements: What’s Needed to Move Into a Residential Facility?
Moving into an assisted living facility can be difficult for a number of reasons. First, there’s likely some illness or
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dealing with negative elderly parents
3 Tips When Dealing With Negative Elderly Parents
It’s not uncommon for aging parents to turn into different people than the ones their children grew up with. Life
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residential care facility for the elderly
Everything You Need to Know About a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly
The population of individuals 65 and over is expected to grow from 48 million to 79 million in the next
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dealing with aging parents
Dealing With Aging Parents: Things You Should Never Tell Them
Dealing with aging parents can put you on an emotional roller coaster. You can feel depressed, angry, irritated, exhausted, or
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Senior man with Caregiver
Assisted Living Checklist: Tips to Find a Quality Home for Your Parents
You’ve had “the talk” and your parents agree that it’s time to look for a senior living facility. The next
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Senior Man and Daughter in a dementia discussion
How to Talk to a Parent With Dementia About Their Disorder
You see no other way around it. The signs of dementia have become too difficult to ignore, and you’ve decided
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two people senior lady and caregiver
Assisted Living vs. Home Care: Which Should You Choose?
A truly difficult decision for any family with a senior member is deciding on the best option for them. No
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Senior Woman and medical assistant
Senior Parents Showing Their Age: When is It Time for Assisted Living?
Our parents take care of us our whole lives, so what can you do when you feel like you can
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moving elderly parents into your home
The True Cost of Moving Elderly Parents into Your Home
One of the toughest decisions you’ll ever make is figuring out whether you should move your elderly parents into your
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senior living options
Deciding When to Choose Other Senior Living Options Besides In-Home Care
Our home was a comfort for our entire life, but as we grow older, the same house presents challenges that
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senior living residence
7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Senior Living Residence
When you decide to place your loved one inside of an assisted living community, you want to ensure they’ll receive
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checklist for moving elderly parents
The Ultimate Checklist for Moving Elderly Parents
Have you decided that it’s best for your elderly parent or parents to live in a personal care facility? As
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find a care home
The Ultimate Guide on How to Find a Care Home for Seniors in Georgia
Choosing a senior care home for someone you love is never easy. Because this can be a very sensitive transition,
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personal care homes in georgia
Everything You Need to Know About Paying for Personal Care Homes in Georgia
We understand that you want the best possible elderly care in Georgia for the senior in your life. After all,
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how to convince your parents to move
How to Convince Your Parents to Move into a Personal Care Home in Georgia
Growing older comes with its fair share of highs and lows, but one constant among seniors seems to be their
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senior signs
5 Senior Signs Your Parent Could Benefit from a Senior Living Facility in Georgia
About seventy percent of Americans over 65 years of age need long-term care. Unfortunately, people don’t spot the signs for
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elderly parent refusing help
Elderly Parent Refusing Help? Try These Expert Tips
Mom needs help. It’s no longer safe for her to live by herself. She needs more care than you can
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home care providers
8 Amenities to Look for When Choosing a Personal Care Home Provider
Over 40 million people in the U.S. provide some sort of care for someone over 50 years of age. Whether
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cognitive decline
5 Signs of Elderly Cognitive Decline You Shouldn’t Ignore
Is your elderly loved one starting to forget things? It may be no big deal, or it could be a
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personal care home
Is a Personal Care Home the Right Choice for Your Loved One?
Upwards of 12 million people in America who have long-term health problems receive home care by professionals. Deciding what type
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activities for seniors
5 Reasons Why Social Activities for Seniors Are Critically Important
Older Americans who have depression have been shown to pay 50% more in medical bills than those who don’t. One
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assisted living facility
Personal Care Home vs Assisted Living Facility: What’s the Difference?
Sending your parents away is a really tough decision to make. Figuring out where to send them can be even
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Mistakes to Avoid When Seeking Geriatric Care
Are you a part of the Sandwich Generation? That term refers to adults who are taking care of their children
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caring for elderly parents
5 Resources for Caring for Elderly Parents
Your parents took care of you when you needed them. Now they need you to take care of them. It
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senior living
Destination Senior Living Near Athens, GA
Finding a perfect destination for a new home can be difficult no matter your age. When it comes to senior
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senior living
Destination Senior Living Near Clemson, SC
Seniors today are living longer, staying healthier, and leading more active lifestyles. If your parents are starting to need help
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senior living
Why Choose Senior Living in Toccoa, GA
Are your parents starting to have trouble living on their own? Are you worried about their safety, but unable to
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senior living facility
How to Choose the Right Senior Living Facility in Georgia
It’s a dreaded conversation that we all have to go through at one point. Which senior living facility do we
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