Deciding When to Choose Other Senior Living Options Besides In-Home Care

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Deciding When to Choose Other Senior Living Options Besides In-Home Care

Our home was a comfort for our entire life, but as we grow older, the same house presents challenges that make life harder.

Giving up your memories and your independence is something you can only do in your own time. Fortunately, there’s not always a need to go from utterly independent living to fully-managed care.

Today, the senior living options allow us to live with just the right balance of care and independence. Even within these options, the levels of care for elderly parents aren’t one size fits all.

Have you started thinking about the options for aging parents or yourself? Keep reading to learn more about the levels of care for elderly people.

Independent Living

Independent living offers a chance for you or your loved one to continue living as they do now but in a house that’s easier to navigate.

These living options may be senior apartments or house or retirement homes or communities. You’ll find that the accommodation itself comes equipped with features like bathroom handles, non-slip floors, and an emergency system that contacts staff.

Other than that, most living options offer full kitchens, a bedroom, and a living room all on one floor.

Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities offer an extra level of care for aging relatives. An assisted living home allows some independence with the added benefit of meals and nursing care.

You’re a good candidate for assisted living if you can perform many duties, like dressing and bathing, on your own but some things like cooking are too much.

While many see assisted living as an introduction to full-time nursing home care, it caters to many different elderly people. These homes offer care to anyone recovering from a surgery or illness to improve their quality of life. Assisted living facilities also provide care for those experiencing overwhelming loneliness.

Personal Care Homes

Personal care homes differ from assisted living in that they offer a higher degree of hands-on care. If you find it difficult to keep up with daily life but don’t need too much medical care, you’ll see personal care homes make your life simpler. The main difference is also in the number of residents. Though personal care homes and assisted living facilities offer many of the same services, the State of Georgia requires homes under a certain number to be classified as personal care homes rather than assisted living.

Memory Care

Memory care offers skilled nursing care for people living with all types of dementia including Alzheimer’s.

Although it’s used synonymously with assisted living, not all assisted living facilities offer this kind of care. Moreover, memory care goes further than assisted living because it integrates the memory loss into their infrastructure.

In addition to skilled nursing, the facility may be laid out to better suit the needs of dementia patients and increased security may be in place.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes offer round-the-clock specialized care for older adults requiring extensive personal and medical care but who don’t need to be in the hospital.

Choosing the Right Senior Living Options

The best senior living options depend on their physical, emotional, and medical needs. We find the best plans identify the necessary level of care you need and then find an organization within that category willing to work to meet those exact needs.

While a new season of life comes with many changes, a dedicated team can help you and your family adjust without missing a beat.

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