Elderly Parent Refusing Help? Try These Expert Tips

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Elderly Parent Refusing Help? Try These Expert Tips

Mom needs help. It’s no longer safe for her to live by herself. She needs more care than you can give. It’s time for her to go to a senior care facility. But what if she refuses to go?

Caregivers need help sometimes, too. Convincing a parent that to move into a personal care home can be tough. Elderly parents are often reluctant to embrace major changes.

Is your elderly parent refusing help? Try these expert tips to persuade them that it’s time to get some support.

1. Focus on the Positives

Entering into a new phase of life can be terrifying. Make it easier for your parent by gushing over the social advantages of their new community. Visit the facility during activity hours so it seems more alive.

Help your mom or dad speak to other residents. They’re living there for a reason. Find out why.

Your parent might be more willing to step into their life if there’s a ready-made social system in place for them.

2. Enlist the Professionals

It’s possible that your loved one might be more willing to accept the unpleasant news from their doctor or another medical professional than from you.

If you can, try to contact your parent’s health care provider and explain the situation. He or she may be able to present it to your parent in a new way. Even stubborn parents usually trust their doctors.

3. Put Health in the Spotlight

Frame the move into the new facility as one motivated entirely by her health.

Your aging parents don’t need to live in a personal care home because that’s what you want. Mom or dad needs to move because you care about their physical and mental health.

Don’t rush the conversation. If you’re loved one seems uneasy, it’s okay to take a break. Don’t try to downplay the seriousness of the issue.

You want your parent to understand what’s at stake.

4. Take Advantage of Health Scares

If your parent’s health deteriorates in any way, you can use the event to convince them to move to a senior home.

Sometimes a fall will open their eyes. Other times fears of an infection or new illness will serve the purpose. Your parent may be willing to accept their new condition as a reason why they need to move.

You don’t want to scare your parent into feeling worse, but you can use their health concerns to help persuade them to live in a personal care facility.

Do You Have an Elderly Parent Refusing Help? Don’t Give Up

Dealing with an aged parent who isn’t willing to receive extra help can be very frustrating.

However, you should try to remember that loving your parent is the best thing that you can do. You can’t force them to do what you want but gentle persuasion may work.

If you have an elderly parent refusing help, try to stay strong.

At BeeHive Homes of Toccoa, we realize that your loved one is making a major change when they come to us. We want to make the transition as smooth as possible.

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