How to Convince Your Parents to Move into a Personal Care Home in Georgia

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How to Convince Your Parents to Move into a Personal Care Home in Georgia

Growing older comes with its fair share of highs and lows, but one constant among seniors seems to be their reluctance to age anywhere else but at home.

This is totally understandable. Your home is a place of comfort, filled with memories and special moments we cling onto amidst life’s inevitable changes.

But this is not always in the best interest of frail seniors or those who may struggle with long-term illnesses.

Over time, living alone in a large house becomes impractical. But the problem remains: how to convince your parents to move?

If you’re looking for a few helpful tips on how to talk about assisted living with an elderly parent, keep on reading.

Tips on How to Convince Your Parents to Move to Assisted Living

Talking to your parents about moving out of home, selling their possessions and moving into assisted living may seem like a mountainous task.

But, it can be done with a little tact, empathy, and patience.

It’s all about highlighting the reality that faces them, which many seniors are incredibly reluctant to acknowledge.

Living at home alone or with a frail spouse poses a number of risks, the most common of which includes dangerous falls and inevitable hospitalization.

If you’re wondering how to get parents into assisted living, these tips should help:

1. Plant the Idea

One of the best tips on how to get your parents into a senior living home is to approach the idea as if it was theirs.

Avoid approaching the idea as if the decision has already been made. This could make your parent(s) feel pressurized and coerced into something they don’t want.

This kind of approach could ultimately backfire and they could dig their heels in further.

Instead, simply mention the idea of assisted living and that there are options available to make their lives easier.

2. Take them on a Tour

Do a little research on assisted living centers in your area and offer to take your parent(s) on a tour. Don’t limit yourself to a short distance. Remember it’s best to find a place that will best take care of your loved one. After all, you may visit regularly, but your loved one is the person that will be living there every day. It’s recommended to expand your radius a bit, if it means finding a better place for your loved one, at the small expense of a bit longer drive for family and friends.

If mom or dad agree, this a good step in the right direction. If not, try not to push the idea on them. Forget about the subject and try re-approach it another day.

3. Leverage Teachable Moments

This may sound like a cruel approach, but it’s a great way to leverage your point which is based on the reality that faces your parent(s) in their older age.

For example, your father slips but does not injure himself. This is a close call and could have been so much worse as he lives alone or your mother is too frail to help.

Try and maximize on this scenario by using it as a springboard for change. Be empathetic, but remind them of the reality of the situation.

Let them know that in an assisted living facility or personal care home he’d both feel far more comfortable and have the peace-of-mind he needs.

4. Stress the Benefits

When approaching the subject try and stress the benefits. Concentrate on the positives and how assisted living could actually help to improve the lives of your parent(s).

Let them know that they could actually thrive in this environment, they would be free of the stresses of maintaining a home and household expenses.

In an assisted living center your parent(s) would receive 24/7 care, nutritious meals, healthcare, entertainment and not to mention, a renewed social life.

Remind them of these aspects every time your parent(s) show reluctance or stubbornness towards the idea.

5. Don’t Push the Idea

Ultimately, the decision needs to be made by your parent(s) of their own free will.

Unless a medical emergency has presented itself, you may need to give mom or dad their space and time to come to terms with the reality.

At the end of the day, allowing them this time to process the decision could work favorably for you both.

It’s a tough decision to make, so allow them the space to process it and decide for themselves.

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