How to Decorate with Assisted Living Furniture to Make it More Personalized

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How to Decorate with Assisted Living Furniture to Make it More Personalized

Moving into an assisted living facility can be a difficult transition. Especially if the room is already furnished.

You want your loved one to feel at home, but how can you achieve that with assisted living furniture that feels unfamiliar?

Not to worry. There are several things you can do that not only makes the room feel more like home, it can make it feel personalized too.

Let’s look at tips on how to turn a furnished assisted living room into a comfortable home.

Find Out What You Can – And Can’t – Do

Your assisted living facility will have their own regulations on how you’re allowed to decorate a room. So, before you do anything, find out what the rules are.

And be cautious of items that may cause a safety or fall risk. Staff will be able to help you decide if an item is unsuitable to bring into the facility.

Add Items That They Love

Adjusting to an assisted living facility can be difficult. So filling a room with items that bring about happy and cherished memories can make a world of difference.

Of course that includes personal items such as family photos and keepsakes. But it can also include everyday things that remind them of beloved hobbies, travels, or special interests.

Mix in Their Own Furniture

A great way to make assisted living furniture feel more personal is to mix in furniture pieces that already belong to the resident. It makes for a nice blend of the new with the familiar.

Bring in a favorite recliner to go with the sofa. Place their nightstand next to the bed. And bring in a bookshelf to display treasured keepsakes.

Fill in With Accessories

Accessories don’t take up a lot of space and easily blend into any existing furnishings.

Add familiar throw pillows to the sofa. Drape a homemade quilt over the back of an armchair. And add favorite lamps to existing end tables.

It’s amazing how small items can make a room feel like home. And the more personal the items, the better.

Take Advantage of Wall Space

When room space is at a premium, the best way to decorate and add your personal touch is by hanging items on the wall.

That way you’re able to display items however you like. And you can use the same wall hangings the resident had used in their previous house.

Add Favorite Color Schemes

Color has a huge impact on the way a room feels to an individual. And if the room is in familiar and favorite colors, it can create a more comfortable and relaxing environment.

You can bring in color with your choice of bedding. Window coverings, if allowed. And accessories throughout the room.

You Can Create the Feeling of Home with Assisted Living Furniture

Turning a room with assisted living furniture into a home is easy with these tips. Now, not only will your loved one be more comfortable, they can show off their individuality as well.

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