Personal Care Home vs Assisted Living Facility: What’s the Difference?

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Personal Care Home vs Assisted Living Facility: What’s the Difference?

Sending your parents away is a really tough decision to make. Figuring out where to send them can be even harder.

Nowadays, there are all types of centers, assisted living facilities, and home health aids. Deciphering the lingo to determine what will work best for your family can be a nightmare.

We’re here to guide you through the terminology and some of the features of different facilities.

Let’s start with the basics:

Personal Care Vs Assisted Living Facility

The two main terms you will come across in your search are personal care facility and assisted living facility.

An assisted living facility is a place where food, shelter, and assistance are provided, but there is more free room for the residents to come and go as they please. Most places require that the bedrooms have locks on their doors and some level of privacy as per the residents’ wishes.

A personal care home offers the same amenities for the most part, except that the staff is more hands-on with the residents. Assisted living tends to be geared towards those who require more assistance than others in their day to day life.

Assisted living also has the age in place program. This means that as the resident needs more care, the staff are able to provide more as needed. In a personal care home, if the resident’s needs become too great for the home to handle, the resident can get transferred to a nursing home.

Looking at What They Can Offer

Another key thing to look at to help you decide between housing is their amenities. If your loved one is going to be living somewhere, you want to make sure that they will be happy. Make a day of going out to the home to look at it. See how your loved one looks as they walk around.

Have lunch there. Talk to some staff and some other residents. Get a feel for their community, and whether your loved one will fit in.

You’ll also want to see how far it is from home. Too far means you can’t visit your loved one at a moment’s notice. Too close and you may be tempted to go by too often. But keep in mind that many people often place proximity as a top priority when choosing a senior living option for their loved one. It’s the loved one that will be living in the facility, so rather you should place the experience at the top of your list. Realistically, you may visit once a week, but your loved one will be their every day.

And yes- there is such a thing as too often. You have other life things to take care of. That’s why you are finding somewhere where they can be happy and also in the best of care.

Putting Yourself at Ease

At the end of the day, setting your loved one up in a facility is a tough life choice to make. You need to take it one step at a time.

When you find the right place, you’ll feel it. Be patient with your loved one in making the transition- it’s gonna be a bit tough on the both of you. But once they’re transitioned in, you will feel the ease and comfort of knowing they are safe and happy.

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