Senior Parents Showing Their Age: When is It Time for Assisted Living?

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Senior Parents Showing Their Age: When is It Time for Assisted Living?

Our parents take care of us our whole lives, so what can you do when you feel like you can no longer take care of them?

The hardest question anyone can ask about their parents is when is it time for assisted living? This article will walk you through 5 signs that mean your aging parents need more help.

1. Assisted Living Dementia Onset

Diseases that affect someone’s mental facilities such as Alzheimer’s are devastating. As their mental state continues to deteriorate, providing adequate care becomes much harder for one caregiver.

Dementia assisted living facilities are often equipped with 24/7 care by a professional team. Once a parent is diagnosed with dementia, it’s important to talk to them about moving them into a home where they can receive the care they deserve.

2. Too Much Emotional Strain for Caregiver and Parent

It’s not easy for a parent to accept help from their child because of the role reversal. Even if you decide to hire an outside caregiver, your parent can become aggressive, irritable, or depressed. If your parent’s emotional state is negative all the time, their mood could improve drastically by moving into assisted living.

If you are the caregiver, your own wellbeing is at stake. Caregiver burnout is a serious condition that can affect your physical, emotional, and mental health. Even with outside help, your parent’s needs may be too much to handle.

3. When Is It Time for Assisted Living If Their Caring Needs Increase?

If your parent suffered from an injury that has caused a huge decline in their physical or mental capabilities, it’s best to get them into a facility where all their needs can be met. You can only do so much. You and your parents suffer when you try to stretch yourself too thin.

4. Unsafe Living Conditions

If your parent has dementia, their home is no longer safe. They could wander into a busy street, get lost, or forget where they left their medication.

Even if your parents don’t have a mental impairment, their house may no longer be suited for their physical capabilities. Putting parents in assisted living can prevent life-threatening accidents from occurring.

If they live somewhere snowy or rainy, they’re more prone to falling. Your parents may also have a hard time climbing stairs if their home is more than one story.

5. Sundowning

Assisted living for dementia is helpful for people who suffer from ‘sundowners syndrome.’ The most common symptom of sundowning is severe agitation by the end of the day. They may be verbally abusive or physically resist the care you’re trying to give.

Though they don’t mean to hurt you, trying to deal with sundowning on your own can be very draining.

Do You Want the Best Help for Your Parents?

If you’re still unsure about when is it time for assisted living, Beehive Homes of Toccoa is here to help your family’s transition. If you want your parents to live a cozy life nestled in beautiful mountain scenery, schedule a tour with us to see if our accommodations meet all of your needs. If you have any questions about how we can help, please call us at (706) 225-7189.

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