What is an Assisted Living Facility?

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What is an Assisted Living Facility?

Many people do not think about long-term care until the need arises. At that moment they will have to review the options available. You or your loved one may not need full-time care offered at a nursing home.

During your search, you may ask, what is an assisted living facility. Over one million Americans rely on these type centers. 

Continue reading to learn more about assisted living.

What is an Assisted Living Facility?

Assisted living facilities allow seniors to maintain a high level of independence. Oftentimes they are located on the same property as nursing homes. However, some are independent and may have their own medical services center on-site.

These facilities are not only for aging adults. They also have clients that are facing the effects of Alzheimer’s or other conditions that limit their ability to live alone.

They also provide housing, health care, and other onsite services. 

24-Hour Staffing is Available

Most states oversee the facilities and require that they are licensed according to state standards. 

If the concern is that the person can no longer live alone, assisted living facilities have 24-hour supervision and security. These include nurses and nursing assistants. You will also find some that have licensed psychologists and occupational therapists.

You’ll Maintain Privacy

Residents get to maintain their privacy by being assigned private rooms. They can decorate their rooms with personal items to add to their level of comfort.

At larger senior living communities, residents have private villas. These locations still offer the same amenities of a facility that may house residents in a single building.

There Are Planned Activities

Having a loved one in an assisted living facility ensures they are active. Facilities offer participation in meaningful activities to keep residents moving and using their motor skills. Whether it’s a weekly game of bingo or group engagement sessions the residents have plenty to do to keep them busy. 

Some centers offer offsite activities for more mobile residents. These can include trips to the mall, movies, or church. The center provides transportation and staff to accompany the residents.

In some instances, residents are allowed to bring their own automobiles and can come and go as they choose. 

Housekeeping is Included

Aging brings on challenges that require individuals to move into a retirement home. These include keeping their home clean and laundering clothes. 

At the facility, this will be taken care of for the residents.

Meals are Prepared on Site

Residents of assisted living facilities receive three meals a day. Most sites will also offer snacks in between meals. The onsite chefs, dieticians, and wellness staff are trained in the dietary needs of each resident.

Senior living communities often have the option of eating in a dining room or having meals delivered to their rooms.

Do You Want to Learn More?

Now that you know what is an assisted living facility it’s time to start looking into what is available. Will you need a center in your current location and will you require relocation? 

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